GRIT in our community

When the going gets tough, the tough GRIT going. Hear from GRIT champions who know the value of leaning into resilience in hard times.

Grit means to me, having the courage and the mental strength to keep going.

Latrina Ollie – Small business owner, Quar Notary

Grit in nonprofits

Shannon Brice – Chief Operating Officer, Care and Share Food Bank

Watch how Shannon embraces grit to help her team rise to the occasion as COVID-19 makes access to food more important than ever.

Grit in education

Jennifer Grubb – Director of Counseling Services, Fountain Valley School

See how Jennifer uses GRIT coaching to help her students and how resilience shows up in teens.

Grit in small businesses

Latrina Ollie – Owner, Quar Notary

Listen to how Latrina, small business owner in Southeast Colorado Springs, brings GRIT into her everyday life to help her business and those around her thrive.

Grit in the community

Adrian Rodriguez – Donor Care Manager at Springs Rescue Mission

Hear how Adrian uses GRIT every day in the workplace to help his community and spread greater resilience.

They’ve got GRIT. And so do you.

Now is the time. You have what it takes to tap into your own grit—and we’ll help you strengthen those resiliency muscles along the way.

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Grit the word out.

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