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FREE online resiliency training

GRIT is a free, online training to help strengthen your resiliency muscles and spread a little grit in your community. Consider GRIT your strength-building CrossFit class—without the bench press. 

“Tough” gets you through today.

GRIT gets you through tomorrow.

By now, we’re all feeling the pressures caused by COVID-19, on ourselves and those around us. Some days, it feels easy to stay strong. Muscle through. Grin and bear it. But it’s also hard not to give into fear, overwhelm, and even a little hopelessness, sometimes. On those days, there’s a hidden strength you can tap into—resilience

GRIT Coaching was created at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs by the National Institute for Human Resilience to help you tap into your own personal strength and resilience—equipping you with the tools to overcome whatever challenges today (or tomorrow) throws your way. 

Everyday grit.

Grit is one of those fuzzy words that means something a little different to everyone. Some call it resilience. Others refer to it as chutzpah. And cowboys simply say, “Get back on the horse.” Whatever you call it, there are three key characteristics of anyone who has grit:

“What does grit look like on you?”

Bouncing back

Your community needs your grit.

COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the importance of community. And make no mistake: community isn’t a buzzword or a quaint idea. It only happens because of individuals, like you, who are willing to invest in it. Whatever community looks like for you—a neighborhood running club or a close-knit group of coworkers—your grit is contagious.

53% of Coloradans

reported increased anxiety, loneliness and stress since the coronavirus outbreak.

1 in 3

people have reported difficulty sleeping due to COVID-19 worry and stress


of Americans have reported beginning or increasing substance use to cope with COVID-related stress

10 years

The long-term psychological consequences of collective traumas can last a decade or more

You’ve got grit.
Now it’s time to tap into it.

GRIT Coaching wasn’t designed for clinical psychologists, mental health experts, therapists or that one friend who took a psychology class in college. This program was designed for people just like you—people who are looking for a little extra grit to press on. 

What to expect from the training:

Built for busy people.

GRIT is a self-paced, 5-hour online training. Watch anywhere you have wifi and on any device. GRIT was built for people just like you. 

Watch at your own pace

Watch 10 minutes here or 30 minutes there—these self-paced modules are designed around your busy schedule.

Tips you can use today

We'll give you actionable tips and tools you can use right away—even before you've completed the training.

Share GRIT with others

You don't have to be a mental health provider to share a little resilience with your friends and family.

GRIT on it.

Now is the time. You have what it takes to tap into your own grit—and we’ll help you strengthen those resiliency muscles along the way.

Pledge now. Enroll later.

If you don’t have time to take the training now—that’s okay! Simply pledge to take it when you can. And, in the meantime, we’ll periodically send you tips and tools to build your grit.

Share GRIT.

Help us GRIT the word out. Use the link below to share GRIT training with your friends, staff, volunteers, or chess club.